How to Best Use Your Space After a Substantial Clearance

House Clearance in West Sussex

Clearing out our home is often a task we begrudge as it takes time and effort to sort through what we want to keep, and what needs to go. However, it can open up an opportunity to better use the space. As our house clearance in West Sussex team can help you clear your space, they would also like to suggest some ways of making use of it with the help of storage, organisation, and prioritising your needs.

Implement Clever Storage Solutions

Implementing storage solutions can help reduce the chance of needing to clear out your space as often. Our house clearance in West Sussex suggests making use of the unused spaces that doesnt seem to offer much, but can be used perfectly for keeping items tucked out of the way. For example, the space above a desk is a great place for important documents and sheets. We love this idea to avoid lots of boxes and cabinets that take up floor space. We would also recommend putting up wall shelves above desks that hold trays and boxes for items that you don’t need daily but are still within reach. Another popular storage solution after a clear-out is hanging bikes on the garage wall. This keeps them out of the way, providing a tidy space.

Organise What’s Left

Organising the items you have left after a substantial clearance helps keep the room tidy and often helps keep our minds tidy! Storage solutions work well but only if they are organised, so what can you do to ensure this? Place like-items together (clothes in one part of the wardrobe, shoes in another), don’t let papers pile up – place them in the correct filing cabinet as soon as you can, throw away or recycle items you no longer need as soon as you stop using them, and make a place for things you need; this could be a small box for spices or a shed for your garden tools.

Making The Space Work For You

Often the reason we clear spaces is to make better use of them. Whether in a home or an office, deciding what to do with the space after a clearance is important. Decide on whether you’re looking for an extra desk to fit in, more floor space for the visual of a bigger room, to expand a wardrobe, or to change the use of the room altogether. Working this out and setting out a plan for how to achieve it will avoid the project getting put to the back of the list of tasks to do, which we are all guilty of. Don’t delay making the space yours!

House Clearance in West Sussex & Surrounding Areas

Here at Greenleaf, we understand the importance of delivering a quick and efficient service to our clients. We have 10 lorries on standby, ready to help you clearing your home, garden, or office so you can start to make the best use of your space. If you’re looking for a reliable company working over the South East, we would love to help. Call us at 07884 082197 or submit a contact form here for a free quote.

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