How Long Do House Clearances Take?

House Clearance Companies

House clearances can be a giant task to carry out, ranging from one big room to the whole home. Therefore it is important to know how long a house clearance will take. With that in mind, it then becomes easier to make the right decision for you. So keep reading to find out how long it would take both with and without house clearance companies. Take a look at some of our reviews here!


Yourself And Some Friends

Doing a large job yourself can feel very rewarding, with help from family or friends this large task can be completed fairly quickly. However, there are drawbacks such as only having one vehicle to dispose of waste with not everyone being able to help all day. On top of this, some people may be busy, therefore unable to help and slow things down. Meaning a task you expect to take a few hours could easily turn into a few days worth of work. 


Clearance Companies

House Clearance companies meanwhile will be able to send out clearance professionals with multiple vans or lorries to get the job done within a day. Here at Greenleaf Clearance we have 10 vans on standby to complete all your removal and disposal needs. 


This means we can fill up a van, send it off and be able to fill up another van. Overall this allows for more clearing and removal work to get completed faster, not having to pause and wait for the van to get back. However, with these benefits of using a house clearance company in mind, you should always complete some research before the arrival of the company, making sure the company you go with is reliable. You can read more about this topic here.


Contact Us – Greenleaf Clearance Removal Services

If you’re thinking of looking for a house clearance in Hampshire, Sussex or Surrey. The Greenleaf team can help you by providing you with excellent and efficient service. Our qualified and experienced team can cover areas around the South of England with ten vans on standby. No job is too big for us! If you would like to read some of our customer reviews or check out our website click here! To get in touch with our team either submit a contact form or give us a call on 07884 082 197. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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