House Clearance Horror Stories

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Clearing your home can be stressful enough without the additional worry of something going wrong. In this article, we will be taking a look at classic house clearance horror stories, and how you can avoid some of the most common problems that may come with using a removal company.

What Is a Cowboy Removal Company?

In the removal or clearance industry, you will hear the word ‘cowboy’ thrown around a lot. This phrase typically refers to someone who is not honest, or skilful in their trade. Or, it can sometimes be used to describe someone who ignores the rules that most people would obey, and is therefore considered ‘not responsible.’ In the clearance industry, it’s important that you properly vet the company you will be hiring before you allow them to help you with your removal needs. 

According to, you should never book your clearance service over the phone or the internet. For a company to do an accurate estimate of how much time your clearance will take, and how many of their team members will need to be assigned to the job, they will have to complete a pre-visit. Safestore states that ‘any reputable company will want to come and see so they can plan accordingly; organising the right size vehicle, number of boxes, number of employees and the amount of time that is going to be needed.’ When it comes to house clearance horror stories, many people have been burnt before by cowboy removal companies. So, it’s vital that you look out for a high-quality company that will offer you superior results during your clearance process. 

Flytipping & How To Avoid It

Speaking of cowboy clearance companies, Derbyshire Live posted a story recently about how after hiring, what a couple thought was a team of professional movers, they found that they have dumped, or fly-tipped, their unwanted belongings away instead of using proper disposal methods. According to Derbyshire Live, ‘an “outrageous” amount of fly-tipping dumped in an Alvaston street is believed to have been abandoned by a cowboy waste-removal business.’ On Monday morning, a day after the removal, ‘shocked residents got up to discover that the large pile of carpet and other household materials had been dumped overnight’ – talk about a removal horror story!

As well as helping you reclaim your space, a team of professionals will also know how to properly dispose of your items. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, our team has the expertise to identify items that will need to be repurposed, donated, recycled. This can not only help minimise on time and effort, but also the waste and environment impact your clearance could have. This will remove any additional stress you may be feeling, and allow you to put your energy back into other important areas. You can have peace of mind knowing that your unwanted items are being handled with care, consideration, and in the correct way.

Damaging Your Personal Items

In 2020, reported that ‘four million items were lost, damaged or stolen during home moves’ in the UK. It is a common tale to hear that during your clearance process, some personal items may get damaged or broken. 

By choosing a reputable removal or clearance firm, you will be able to avoid this issue and safeguard your belongings. A team of experts will know exactly how to pack a van and remove items without them being at any risk of being broken or damaged. 

How To Vet a Clearance Company Before Hiring Them

  1. Speak To Them First

It’s vital that before you invite a team into your home, that you speak to them first. Whilst it’s advised to not book straight away via a phone call or email, you can still give our team a ring and ask any questions first. Before we get stuck into a job, we love to meet our customers and understand their clearance needs fully. This will give everyone a clearer picture for how long a job will take, and the scope of the work ahead. 

  1. Check For Reviews

Another great way to check that the company you are opting to work with is reputable is through previous reviews. If you have a look on their company website, or Google listing, you will be able to see how highly others rate their work. 

  1. Book in a Pre-Visit

Above, we have mentioned how important a pre-visit is for both you and the clearance team. Once you’ve decided on the clearance team you are going to use, you can book a pre-visit with them, so they can assess the job at hand. They will take into account how many items will need to be moved, what will need to be disposed of, and how many rooms may need to be cleared. 

  1. Get a FREE No Obligation Quote

As well as a pre-visit, you can also ask for a quote for how much the job is going to cost. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we offer a free, no-obligation quote, where we break down our fees, and how long it will take to clear your home.

House Clearance Near Me – Choosing The Right Clearance Team For You

If you are looking for a house clearance near you, then we may have your area covered. We work within Surrey and London house clearances. No matter your reasoning for requiring our services, whether you are moving house, or are simply looking to reclaim your space, we are here to help. If you need more information about our London house clearance services, you can contact us today at 0808 164 8226.

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