Hidden Treasures Uncovered Through House Clearances

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When you think about house clearances, the image that often comes to mind includes old and unwanted belongings being hauled away and forgotten about. However, a number of homeowners or relatives have found rare and collectable items that are worth a lot of money. In this article, our house clearance London experts discuss some of the best-hidden gems found during a clearance throughout the world. 

Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbags

A clearance company was arranged to clear out a deceased homeowner’s attic to find thousands of pounds worth of vintage Louis Vuitton bags. The well-known french brand is known for its iconic logo and expensive price tag. Vintage Louis Vuitton bags can sell for tens of thousands depending on the quality and age. 

First Edition Charles Dickens Books

In another instance, a homeowner discovered a set of first-edition Charles Dickens novels. The famous Victorian author has imprinted his name throughout British history; a set of first editions can sell for thousands at auction due to their age and rarity. 

Taxidermy Tigers 

Imagine clearing someone’s house and finding four tigers staring back at you. A clearance company was asked to complete a probate clearance when they stumbled across four taxidermy tigers. Whilst their value may not compete with some of the finds in the list, it’s certainly uncommon. 

£120m Caravaggio Painting 

Do you need some inspiration to clear your loft or attic? A family in the south of France had to get their roof fixed due to a leak when a one hundred and thirty-six million dollar Caravaggio painting was discovered, hidden in the roof. The 400-year-old painting was thought to have been hidden there during the second world war. 

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