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Having too much furniture or simply replacing old furniture with new ones can be troublesome, trying to sell the item or discard it can be challenging and time-consuming. Instead of getting rid of it or throwing it away, why not give it another life? Creativity could not be any easier in today’s society, the following are common household furniture items that could be transformed into something new and useful. 


As a leading clearance company in the South of England, the following list includes some of our favourite furniture ‘revamps’ perfect for saving time and money. Finding reputable house clearance companies can be tough, that’s why Greenleaf strives to make it easier. Our team goes the extra mile within every job, making sure you are satisfied and happy with our work. Take a look at some of our services here.


Step ladder Bedside Table


Implement an old or unused step ladder as the perfect stacking ‘shelf’ for your nighttime necessities. Instead of crowding all of your items onto a small side table, use the steps of the ladder as shelves to stack your books, alarm, light or phone.


Office In A Box


Everyone has a chest of drawers or box that is neglected or no longer needed. Make use of the room inside by converting it into a paper organisation or storage unit. Perfect for storing files and other office essentials, with easy access and storage, your files will stay organised in one place. You could also add compartments to store smaller items that need to be separated.


Walk-By Wardrobe


Who doesn’t want a walk-in wardrobe, having the space to store all of your clothes and shoes in one place. Unfortunately, not everyone has a big enough wardrobe to allow so, why not make your own? Using an old ladder to create a bridge between your clothing storage space will allow you to hang clothes increasing the space for storage inside the wardrobe. Each ladder rung can be used as a hanger to hang clothes. 


Desk Bench


By doing a little DIY you could convert your old or unwanted desk into a unique bench, perfect for hallways or the garden. By simply removing the top layer that supports and holds your PC or laptop and creating a lower layer for sitting on. With drawers and storage compartments your new bench can also be used to store stuff that easily goes missing like keys.


Wooden Pallet Stand


You may have an old wooden pallet that was used for a heavy delivery; why not turn it into a stand for gardening equipment or longer objects. Sheds and garages can quickly become packed with equipment and building supplies taking up a lot of room, position the pallet vertically and use the gaps to hold rakes, spades, brushes and other gardening or building tools.


Drawer Dog Bed


Old drawers or compartments from cabinets or chests feel useless on their own, so why not transform an old drawer into a cosy bed for your dog? Simply remove the one side such as the handle to allow your dog to get in and add a dog bed mattress and blanket, I’m sure your dog will love a new bed.


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