Getting Rid Of Large Appliances And Upholstery

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Going through your home and clearing old furniture and appliances that are no longer used is a great way to increase space. However, getting rid of these larger items can take time and effort. Without ideal transportation, you may be left wondering how you can get rid of upholstery or appliances. Our expert team shares some of the best ways to dispose of furniture and other large items you may be looking to remove.

Donating To Charity

Donating your old furniture and appliances to charity is a great way to get rid of unwanted belongings. You won’t have to worry about disposal whilst also helping the charity, make sure the items you want to get rid of are still functional and intact as charity shops may turn them away. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

Selling Online

Similar to donating your items to charity, selling online involves finding an interested buyer who will likely arrive at your property to collect the item if sold. This is a great way to get rid of your unwanted items whilst also making some money. Listing sites such as eBay, Gumtree, Shpock and Facebook Marketplace are platforms that allow you to list and sell items with ease to people across the country. 

Handling The Transportation & Disposal Yourself 

If the items that you collect are relatively worthless you may consider just transporting and disposing of them yourself. You should always check what items your local disposal centre accepts before arriving. Electrical appliances such as microwaves, kettles and other home appliances cannot be mixed with general waste due to the harmful chemicals within batteries and other electronic components. Known as WEEE waste, these items need separate disposal. Most centres will likely accept upholstery and furniture that can be disposed of efficiently. 


If transporting the items is out of the question then why not repurpose them? There are a number of creative ways to take old unwanted items and transform them into something new and unique. Most of the time old furniture simply needs a fresh coat of paint to look new again. 

Getting Professional Help 

The easiest way to get rid of your waste however involves professional help. Licensed companies such as ourselves at Greenleaf Clearance can arrive on-site to provide you with a no-obligation quote. If you decide to go ahead we will return with one or more of our ten lorries on standby to collect, transport and dispose of your waste. So you can sit back whilst we handle everything! Whether you need a house clearance in Brighton, Surrey or London, our experts can save you some valuable time.

Greenleaf Clearance – House Clearances In Brighton, London, Surrey & More

If you are in need of a house clearance in Brighton, Surrey, London or elsewhere in the South of England, our experts may be able to help you. We handle everything, from waste collection, transportation and environmentally friendly disposal. Get in touch with our team on 07884 082 197 for more information. We’d be more than happy to help!

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