Getting A House Clearance In London – What You Need To Know

London House Clearance

During your home clearance, we can help you remove the entire contents of your home, including any furniture, appliances or personal belongings. Whether you are based in the area of London, or Surrey, our professional team is here for you. In this article, we will be taking a look at London house clearances, and everything you may want to know about taking on a project of this size.

Planning Your London House Clearance 

When starting the clearance, we would suggest that the first thing you do is assess what will need to be removed from your home. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we are big fans of being organised. We typically find that making a list of everything that you are looking to get rid of is the best course of action. After you’ve narrowed down what will be moving with you, you may want to start separating items into donate, sell and dispose of piles. 

We find that the best way to do this is to use coloured post-it notes, which signify what will be happening to said item. We also suggest that before starting the clearance of your property, it is also a good idea to ensure that all personal or valuable items are away, made secure or removed altogether. This way you can avoid them being damaged in the process.

Disposing Of Waste

When searching for ‘House Clearance Near Me’, you will want to find a reputable company that is not only reliable, but will also handle all of your belongings with care. As well as all the items you are looking to preserve, during a clearance there will also be waste to dispose of, but how do you thoroughly, and legally get rid of unwanted items?

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items

After you’ve planned what will need to leave your home, the next step is to think about how certain items will need to be disposed of. You will have to determine which items, if any, require special handling or disposal. For example, most local dump or recycling centres won’t take hazardous materials and electronics. 

In addition to researching what the correct way to dispose of certain items, you may also want to have a look at your local landfill sites regulations. During your move, you may have a few larger appliances, such as fridges, microwaves and freezers. For all big items, the landfill site near you might request you to pay a fee, or book in a slot with them to drop it off.  It’s vital that after you’ve separated your belongings, that you research where they can be disposed of. 

Clearance Services VS Skip Hire

Many people during the clearance process opt for a skip hire rather than a professional team. Your local clearance team could be a much better option and here is why. 

Firstly, when it comes to hiring a group of professionals, you will only pay for the time that you require them. With a skip, they are often on a fixed rate, regardless of whether you fill your skip or not. You could be wasting more money than you are saving by taking this option.

Secondly, skips are an eyesore, as they always have to be placed in your property’s boundaries. Once you’ve hired a skip, it will have to sit outside your property during your clearance. This can seem extremely convenient when it comes to removing waste from the actual property, but it is also unpleasant to look at – for you, or your neighbours. This can also become more of a problem if you, or your landlord, is putting the house on the market. With viewings potentially taking place, the last thing you will want is an unattractive skip in your driveway. 

Also, you cannot put hazardous materials or harmful items in your hired skip. Whilst having a skip right outside your front door seems like the more advantageous option, it still doesn’t remove the need for you to dispose of your products.  ‘Hazardous or harmful items’ can include (but are not limited to) computers, anything with asbestos, tyres, fridges and TVs. 

Fly Tipping

Why is it so important to dispose of items in a safe and legal way? Well, without researching thoroughly into how your unwanted belongings should be gotten rid of, you could face fly tipping charges. Fly tipping in the UK can result in paying a hefty fine, which according to the GOV.UK website can be anywhere ‘from £400 to £1,000’. 

We understand that it can be tempting for you to try to do a clearing project by yourself. However, by employing a professional clearance service to help, you can be more hands-off with this time-consuming process and put your energy into other important tasks which could occur. After all, clearing out a property is one of the many jobs you may encounter during a move. 

Transporting All Of Your Belongings 

During a London house clearance, it’s important to think about how you will transport your items. Whether they are going to a new property, a landfill site, a recycling centre or being donated, the next step would be to consider how you will get them there. Now, when clearing a home, you will be sure to have some really large items. If you are not planning on hiring a local clearance service, then lifting these items can be a difficult task. You will have to think about packing a moving truck or van safely and securely, as well as separating the items into assorted piles before loading them into said vehicle. 

However, by hiring a clearance company such as us, it means that we can do this all for you. In addition to all the heavy lifting, you can be assured that a professional job will be done. Your home will be left properly cleared, with all unwanted items removed and disposed of with the environment in mind. 

Not to mention, we can also help you organise your belongings as well. Moving and clearing your home can be overwhelming and there can be a lot to think about. Our family-run team of professionals can not only offer you a helping hand, but also a compassionate ear during this process. We are also capable of handling all clearance jobs, no matter the size – from small residential homes to much larger commercial projects. By entrusting your clearance with a group such as us, you can not only reclaim your space but also save a lot of time and effort.

Greenleaf Clearance: London House Clearance

Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we understand how time-consuming a house clearance can be – and that’s why we offer a FREE, no obligation quote. Before signing on with one of our clearance services, we want to ensure that all your questions going forward are answered. One of our lovely team members can talk you through our process, or, you can contact us today at 0808 164 8226 to learn more.

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