Dangers Within Clearing Your Home

House Clearance Brighton

House clearance companies have a team of professionals with years of experience and expertise within the clearing. It can be easy to overlook the dangers when considering to clear by yourself. Without knowing the risks or how to protect yourself, you are likely to end up hurting yourself or damaging something in your home. 


Greenleaf Clearance provides various services, from house clearances to garden waste removal. Our expert team have ten lorries on standby, covering areas across the south of England. Take a look at some of the services we offer here.


Boxes Vs Stairs


Stairs and heavy boxes don’t get along. This combination tends to lead to one of two things. Either you drop the box, and it rolls down, or you trip up the stairs or fall down the stairs, landing on a rigid sharp-cornered box. Neither of these situations is ideal, with some scenarios getting dangerous. It can be good to have a second person when you’re dealing with heavy boxes and stairs. Together you can take turns moving up or down a few steps and then taking the box or sharing the weight. By doing this, you aren’t moving on the stairs while carrying the box and are therefore less likely to trip or drop it. Companies that offer house clearances in Brighton and beyond will often use the correct lifting techniques, not damaging their backs or dropping any items.




When doing a house clearance in Brighton, Surrey, Hampshire or Sussex, it can be easy to overlook the safety of the building itself. Walls, floors and ceilings will start to degrade over time. Clearing a loft and falling through the ceiling to the floor will be painful, with the chance of landing the wrong way causing a hospital trip. It could also fall onto you, strike you on the head, cut you, or more. 


Bugs And Toxins


Many don’t consider bugs and toxins. Bugs can hide in your home, leaving harmful substances behind. Some homes may have developed dangerous chemicals such as asbestos that can cause significant damage to your body when breathed in. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your home is free of these chemicals, and if not, wear a mask to be safe. Wearing gloves will also help you should the need to remove some bugs arise.


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If you’re looking for a house clearance in Brighton, Surrey or Sussex, the Greenleaf Clearance team can help provide you with an excellent and efficient service. Our qualified and experienced team can cover areas around the South of England with ten lorries on standby. No job is too big for us! If you would like to read some of our customer reviews or check out our website, click here! To get in touch with our team or call us, either submit a contact form or give us a call on 07884 082197. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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