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Hoarding is a pattern of behaviour most of us experience with items that hold certain sentimental values. However, for some individuals, hoarding can become a complex mental disorder which makes it extremely difficult for hoarders to get rid of their collection of hoarded items. There are many alternatives you can take to free up some extra space in the home whilst your hoarded items remain in your possession. 


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Tendencies Of A Hoarder


If yourself or a family member/friend starts getting concerned about your hoarding habits, ask yourself the following questions; Why and how have I accumulated this many items? What purpose do they serve me? Does it make me happy? Is my home becoming a storage facility or the items? A good place to start is to imagine your home from someone else’s perspective. Would you be worried if it was not your home? Admittedly everyone can agree that certain items hold childhood memories or mementoes from achievements or milestones in life, but when the level of significance begins to fade certain items begin to pile up reducing your living space. 


Starting Small


If you decide to make a start on clearing your space, try getting a family member or friend to help. One of the best ways to begin is to start small. Simply removing all your hoarded items at once can be very damaging to the owner; a slow and steady approach can prove extremely beneficial. Whether you have a hoarded collection of items in one room or all of them, starting room by room will allow the hoarder to comfortably progress at their own pace. Clean any areas that have been occupied by the items that have remained there for a large period of time. 


Discarding/Donating Or Storing Hoarded Belongings 


Hoarders who have a passion or emotional connection to the items should never be forced into binning or discarding their collection or items. If you want to get rid of them entirely, the decision should be left to you. Maybe they could serve someone else another purpose, you could start by donating to charity shops. This will provide you with more living space whilst helping charity. Alternatively, if you want to keep your collection, why not consider other storage spaces out of the house? You could store the hoarded items in a garage, shed or other areas outside of your house. You could even auction them if they have value or rarity on sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or Shpock.


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