Common Mistakes With House Clearances

Brighton House Clearance

House clearances are an important task that should be carried out whenever you need to regain occupied space. Going room to room and removing items may seem easy, but in reality, this task usually is not. Clearing and collecting an assortment of different items will take a considerable amount of time. You will then have to manage the appropriate transport and disposal of the items. Clearing your home can be a timely task, which is why it’s so important to do it right the first time. Perhaps you need a Brighton house clearance, but are apprehensive about clearing yourself. Continue reading to find out how you can reduce the chances of damage or injury. 

Improper Disposal 

Waste disposal is a growing issue that the world is facing. Billions of tons of waste is disposed of annually, a lot of this waste could have been recycled or reused. Instead, it’s buried underground where it will decompose for the next 500+ years. If you plan on disposing of items, try and recycle as much as you can. You must also be aware of electronic waste, items that contain a battery or harmful chemicals must be disposed of separately as this can cause serious issues if mixed with general waste. 

Handling Heavy/Large Items 

Handling unwanted furniture pieces such as sofas or cabinets should be approached with caution. Try and get some assistance when transporting the furniture to a vehicle for disposal. Managing these heavy items down stairs could lead to serious injury or damage. 

Lack Of Health & Safety 

Clearing an area that has been neglected for a number of years should be dealt with cautiously. Bacteria or asbestos growth could have occurred leading to serious health issues. Wearing clothes, masks and other personal protective equipment should be worn during the clearout. Make sure to disinfect or clean these areas after clearing any items.  

Choosing The Wrong Company

Most homeowners organise property clearance and disposal experts when they want certain things removed. Whilst this can speed up the entire process considerably, it could also cost you thousands in fines if you choose the wrong company. If your waste is fly-tipped and tracked back to you, you could be eligible to pay fines of up to £2,000! Before confirming with the clearance company, take a look at their credentials and insurance. Look for companies with certain environmental licences, relevant credibility and full insurance, to minimise the chance of any issues during the clearance. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Brighton House Clearance 

If you are currently in need of a house clearance or are planning to get one organised, our experts here at Greenleaf Clearance may be able to help you. We are registered with the Environmental Waste Agency to collect, transport and dispose of all of your waste. Whether you need a Brighton house clearance or a garden clearance in Hampshire, we have 10 lorries on standby to arrive on-site and collect and remove your unwanted waste. For more information get in touch with our team here, or give us a call at 07884 082197. We’d be more than happy to help.

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