Clearing A Hoarders Home – What You Need To Know

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The task of clearing out the home of someone who suffers from hoarding disorder can be daunting and overwhelming. It typically requires a great deal of effort, planning, and resources to ensure the space is returned to its safest state. From addressing health hazards to managing the emotional toll that comes along with this process, it’s important to understand the many challenges associated with clearing a hoarder’s home.

Creating A Plan

Creating a plan to clear a Hoarder’s home is no easy task. It requires careful planning, patience, and sensitivity. A hoarding disorder is a mental health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. People who suffer from hoarding disorder find it challenging to let go of their possessions, leading to an excessive accumulation of items in their homes.

To start the process of clearing out the clutter, it is essential to understand the severity of the situation. A hoarder’s home can be filled with potentially dangerous objects such as expired food items or piles of newspapers that can pose as a fire hazard. It is crucial to prioritise safety measures before starting any cleanup operation. The second step involves creating a plan which includes setting realistic goals, and allocating resources such as individuals and timeframes for specific tasks. After the plan has been agreed you will need to look into the disposal, depending on the items that need to be disposed of. 

Collaborating With The Hoarder

As mentioned above, hoarding is a mental health issue that shouldn’t be disregarded. It can be challenging to collaborate with a hoarder effectively as they will have an affinity with the items that have been hoarded or accumulated. 

A great place to start involves understanding their needs and limitations. Recognise that the hoarder may feel anxious or overwhelmed by the thought of change, listen to their concerns and try to reason with them.  Highlight the importance of space and hygiene along with other factors that can improve living standards. 

The Importance Of Cleaning After The Clearance 

Most hoarder homes will have items that haven’t been moved in years. Once you have cleared the items you will need to perform a thorough cleaning. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms will have accumulated. Wearing gloves and other protective equipment is essential to prevent illness when cleaning the space. 

Getting Professional Help

To avoid the risk of injury or illness you may consider hiring professionals. Our experts here at Greenleaf Clearance offer a range of clearance services that can accommodate your hoarder’s clearing needs. We are able to arrive on-site to clear, collect, transport and dispose of the waste. We will then perform a deep cleaning to remove existing bacteria so the space can be used straight away. For more information about our hoarder’s clearance click HERE

Greenleaf Clearance – Professional Clearance Services

 If you or a loved one hoards items that have accumulated too much space in the home that has become a health and safety hazard, it may be time to consider organising clearance services. With 10 lorries on standby, you could be our next job! Get in touch with us on 0808 164 8226.

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