Fly Tipping Clearance Surrey, London or Home Counties

Welcome to Greenleaf Fly Tipping Clearance Services. Have you been the victim of fly tipping? Do you need help with fly tipping clearance Surrey, London or the Southeast? We offer a professional and punctual solution to your problem. Do not try to find a solution on the cheap because you might end up moving on the problem! If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Your provider will probably just take your money and tip the rubbish onto someone else’s property. And if they do that, then YOU are liable. You could face a fine of up to £2000 and even a criminal record.

Make sure that you go with a well vetted and respected provider. Greenleaf Clearance will always goes the extra mile to make customers are satisfied and all relevant rules and regulations are met. Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our customer reviews.

We are fully licensed and insured to undertake all clearances. We are licensed scrap metal dealers and hold an Environment Agency Waste Removal Licence. Our insurance policy also provides complete liability cover for all of our services.

Fly tipping can be a real problem because it attracts pests and vermin. Most people don’t realise this, but mice, rats, flies and pigeons all thrive and breed on rubbish that has been fly tipped.

To provide you with peace of mind we also provide customers with a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note. Whatever happens – make sure you get one of these. It will ensure that your provider disposes of your waste properly. If everyone had one then there wouldn’t be any fly tipping in the first place!

With up to ten lorries on standby, we cover all of London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Middlesex, Essex… and many more areas.

Duty of Care

Are you disposing of waste from your property or business? Then you need to make sure you fulfil certain responsibilities. We can help with all of your responsibilities, which include:

  • Doing everything you can to prevent, reuse, recycle or recover waste (we can advise
  • Sorting and storing waste safely and securely (we can help)
  • Completing a waste transfer note for each load of waste that leaves your premises (we will remind you of this)
  • Checking that your waste carrier is registered to dispose of waste (we will provide you with all our licenses)
  • Not allow your waste to be disposed of illegally (we make sure this would never happen)
  • For more info you can go to the Environment Agency Website

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