Effects On Human And Environmental Health From Improper Waste Disposal

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Throughout human history waste disposal and management has been implemented in different ways, with some proving effective and some not so much. Now as we advance towards a more technological future, finding new eco-friendly ways to dispose of our waste and litter could not be more important. 


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Atmosphere Contamination


With deadly chemicals such as bleach, acids and alkalis becoming more common it is critical that they are disposed of correctly in relevant packaging to avoid leaks. Plastics and papers are also big contributors to contaminating the atmosphere, although they do not start as gases, upon combustion or burning harmful toxins such as hydrochloric acid, sulphur dioxide and dioxins to name a few. These gases then contaminate the air which is breathed into our lungs.


Water Contamination 


Hazardous waste that is disposed of through landfills essentially leeches into the ground all the way through to groundwater. This water has several purposes including watering local fields to ponds and lakes causing damage to the environment. This untreated water can cause severe damage to marine ecosystems and wildlife. Removing one system within an ecosystem can cause detrimental effects. 


Human Health


Poor waste disposal can cause serious implications to humans living nearby, this applies to workers at landfills and disposal sites with improper protective equipment. Causing skin irritation, infections, respiratory issues and reproductive issues to highlight a few.


Severe Climate Change


Burning plastics and other wastes can release toxic gases into the atmosphere, essentially heating the Earth. As one of the leading causes of climate change, gases such as carbon dioxide and methane can cause significant damage to marine life and ecosystems around the world. This also heats the planet, causing more severe weather storms along with natural disasters occurring more frequently. As the temperature of our planet rises more and more negatives begin to appear.


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