Well-Organised And Affordable House Clearances In Reigate

There are many big advantages to hiring a team for your house clearance in Reigate.

Carrying out a house clearance yourself can be a great deal of work. From packing items in boxes or hefting them from the house to a skip, you then need to travel back and forth to a landfill. All in all, it’s back breaking work.

Many people who are used to carrying out this type of work can end up injuring themselves since they don’t have the right equipment.

Thanks to Covid-19, this experience has become even more stressful and long-winded. There are often long queues and you naturally don’t want to put yourself at risk.

Many items are cumbersome and heavy, so you might find it difficult to transport them to a place of appropriate disposal. You may also have many items that are suitable for recycling but aren’t sure where to take them. Many people also have items that have been at the back of their attic, shed or basement for years and are dirty or unsanitary. You don’t want to put these in your own vehicle.

By using our house clearance team in Reigate, you can sit back and relax while we remove items using our specially designed fleet of vehicles.

Greenleaf Clearance is a full insured and certified company who regularly works in Surrey, including Reigate.

If you’re interested in our house clearances in Reigate, find out more about Greenleaf Clearance today.