Three Assurances For Our Garage Clearance Services In Weybridge

We know that you will have stared at your crammed garage a fair few times in the past few months. Every time you think about buying something new you will remember there is nowhere to put it for the number of things in your garage. Until now.

At Greenleaf Clearance we are a passionate family-run team who are able to offer you garage clearance services suited to your needs. Everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of our customers across Weybridge and further afield.

Why choose our garage clearance services in Weybridge?

Our team at Greenleaf Clearance are trusted to remove, handle and clear any items you no longer want. For our garage clearances in Weybridge, we offer three vital assurances for you before you choose our services:

  1. Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note: We are able to provide all our customers with this note that protects any of the items we take from your garage from being fly tipped. An increasingly important part of any service in the sector, make sure you trust a team who can boast this.
  2. Scrap Metals Dealer Licence: We come across a lot of diverse and unique items in garages across Weybridge and beyond. If you have any scrap metal (non-ferrous) we can pay you for taking them away.
  3. Full liability insurance cover: The whole garage clearance service we offer at Greenleaf Clearance is covered by full liability insurance.

To discover more about booking our garage clearance services in Weybridge, get in contact with our team today.